Thursday, February 24, 2011


I became aware of my status as a literary nerd officially in ninth grade. Before that, I had an inkling, but was never sure. The conversation between me and a Mean Girl friend went like this:

MG: Look at all those nerds over there there, sitting in the loser lunch spot. I bet they like, read for fun.

HYUG: I read for fun.

MG and everyone else (possibly the entire school): AWKWARD SILENCE.

Even then, it wasn't so much embarrassing for me as everyone else. Though my friends never seem to know what to do but laugh uncomfortably when I get overstimulated by literary things, like that time I jumped up and down in a movie theater when I saw the preview for The Golden Compass (TALKING ARMORED BEARS, COME ON!), I own my nerdiness. I embrace it. I love book more than most people love other people. So fuck off.

So for the weekend (which for me starts today), I leave you with these wonderful, nerdy links of pure literary tomfoolery than make my nerd heart expand like a balloon and laugh hysterically by myself in my room:

If you find anything about this site remotely entertaining, check this out. An entire thread of literary jokes.
Disney Hipster meme.
You can actually buy this here.
Everything you ever needed to know about Twilight here.
Including why I think this picture is funny.
There is an entire site devoted to literary tattoos. Seriously.
Garfield without Garfield becomes an existential crisis here.
I may already own this. But don't worry, there's plenty more to choose from here.
They donate books every time you buy something.
Best friend with a tumblr is getting to me, but found here.
Continue your education here.
Have an excellent weekend, readers. I know Margaret Mitchell, Wilkie Collins, and I will. Yes, I will also be seeing people of flesh and blood. Probably.

P.S. I see the split infinitive, so shut up. But I think the English language is a magical thing that you get to fuck around with as much as you want. My poetry teacher congratulated me on making up a word the other day. I win, grammar loses.

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  1. There are very few things I want more than an armoured bear.